Taking Inspiration from Ourselves: Structural Biomimicry in Tissue Engineering

9 Oct 2019

A talk by Dr Jenny Shepherd, University of Leicester

Many tissues within the human body have an impressive ability for self-repair, but in a defect above a so-called ‘critical’ size they require a little help. This is where tissue engineering scaffolds come in. These porous structures act as a space filler and provide the necessary cues for the body’s own cells to generate new tissue. Whilst scaffolds often mimic the chemical and biological environment of the tissue, their structure receives less attention. Tissue engineering scaffolds often demonstrate structural homogeneity, yet the native tissue we hope to replicate is very far from homogeneous.
This talk considers how we may alter the structure of collagen based scaffolds in order to more closely mimic the structure and function of natural tissue. The significance of structure is demonstrated in 2 case studies, the development of a scaffold for implantation after meniscectomy and a scaffold designed for use in a lab-based system for blood platelet production.
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Short presentations about IOM3 and EMMS will be given before the main talk

6.30 pm start

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Event Location: 
Lecture Theatre 2, Engineering Building
University of Leicester
University Road
United Kingdom
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Martin Tuffs (Events Secretary), East Midlands Materials Society, mobile: 07981 610140, email: martin.tuffs@rolls-royce.com