DSSC past events

Battlefield Medical Technology

22 Oct 2009, Harwell, United Kingdom

Focus on current military medical priorities of Quality of Survival, Battlefield Analgesia and Medical Force ProtectionFull information >

Armour and Protection Science and Technology Centre Launch

8 Oct 2009, Harwell, United Kingdom

The seminar will highlight the current armour and protection research programmeFull information >

NATO Undersea Resarch Centre: Machine Intelligence for Autonomous Operations

7 Oct 2009 - 8 Oct 2009, Lerici, United Kingdom

Workshop focusing on automatic classification, autonomy, and intelligent navigation.Full information >

Stand-Off Detection of Volatile Organic Compounds

6 Oct 2009, Harwell, United Kingdom

A seminar on the stand-off detection of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)Full information >