• Award of the Wake Memorial Medal

    The Society for Adhesion & Adhesives
    Costantino Creton, currently Professor and Directeur de Recherche at the CNRS, (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) , France, received the Wake Medal from Dr Gary Critchlow, chair of the Society for Adhesion and Adhesives.
  • Award of the de Bruyne Medal

    The Society for Adhesion & Adhesives
    John Antony Bishopp, formerly of Hexcel Composites (Duxford), was the sixth recipient of the de Bruyne Medal
  • Penetrated Fibre Metal Laminate

    Photography competition to capture the essence of materials in Defence, Safety or Security

    Defence, Safety and Security Committee
    The IOM3 Defence Safety and Security Committee (DSSC) announce their 2nd photographic competition. The committee continues the search for the best photographs to help promote the activity of the DSSC to both members and the general public.
  • spruce branch

    Spruce almighty - major Sitka spruce research report published

    Wood Focus magazine
    A research report that summarises everything known about Sitka spruce and brings together 90 years of research into a single document has been published by the UK’s Forestry Commission.
  • EADS 'Hyperjoint' system

    Titanium promise

    Materials World magazine
    The titanium industry has been hit hard since the last World Titanium Conference in Japan back in 2007. Professor Malcolm Ward-Close reports that the production figures presented at the recent event in Beijing indicate a strong recovery and an active research community.
  • Euradh 2012: 9th European Adhesion Conference

    The Society for Adhesion & Adhesives
    16 Sep 2012 - 20 Sep 2012, 88045 Friedrichshaven, GERMANY The Scientific Committee of Euradh 2012 is now seeking papers on all aspects of adhesion
  • Award for engineering in support of military operations

    The Churchill Medal Award 2010/11 from The Institution of Engineering and Technology is open to nominations from an individual or a small team to recognise engineering and technical advancement in support of military operations.
  • New MOD SBRI Competition - Novel Materials for Defence Exploitation

    Defence, Safety and Security Committee
    MOD’s new Materials and Structures Science and Technology Centre is seeking proposals, through the Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE), to understand and develop novel materials technologies.
  • High Temperature Welds conference to be held concurrently with Creep and Fatigue at Elevated Temperatures

    High Temperature Materials Committee
    The High Temperature Materials Committee of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining will host both the 4th International Conference on High Temperature Welds and the 9th International Conference on Creep and Fatigue at Elevated Temperatures in London on 25-27 September 2012. Co-sponsored by JSME, ASME and IMechE
  • General Meeting of the SAA

    The Society for Adhesion & Adhesives
    The General Meeting of the Society for Adhesion and Adhesives will be held on 7 September 2011 at the National Science Learning Centre, University of York, UK