Revival of the Defence, Safety and Security Committee (DSSC)

Defence, Safety and Security Committee
29 May 2018

The Institute’s Defence, Safety and Security Committee (DSSC) formed as an emerging committee as part of the Materials Science and Technology Division. It caught the attention of many in its early days as a formation that linked up the stakeholders and organisations in the UK that have been active and influential in these topics of interest.

Stepping into 2018, it is looking to rekindle its position by re-invigorating itself through a dynamic strategy and new members who are eager to contribute and take part in activities.

In these rapidly changing times, defence, safety and security are important topics that receive a lot of attention. With advances in materials science, engineering and information technologies, DSSC’s position is increasingly important as it finds itself in the centre of several applications with an end user profile for these advancements, technologies, and innovations that are streaming.

According to Dr Cem Selcuk, DSSC Vice Chairman, it is important for the committee to align itself with the cross-sector developments with an international outreach to benefit from the collaborations as well as being part of them, preferably with a strong engagement and contribution. There are several topics of common interest with other IOM3 committees. The Particulate Engineering Committee (PEC), for example, will have its next event on the subject of Industry 4.0. This event will no doubt present valuable links for the DSSC and other interested parties.

Going forward, DSSC is looking to engage and collaborate with industry and academia to develop its influential capacity.

Dr Cem Selcuk CEng CEnv FIMMM FWeldl
DSSC Vice Chairman