New MOD SBRI Competition - Novel Materials for Defence Exploitation

Defence, Safety and Security Committee
25 Jul 2011

MOD’s new Materials and Structures Science and Technology Centre is seeking proposals, through the Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE), to understand and develop novel materials technologies.

The objective of this call is to understand and develop materials technologies that will enable significant breakthroughs over current capabilities; therefore the call will not limit the scope of technologies or approaches of interest. However, the following general areas are of high interest to MoD:

  • Low Observable (LO) Materials
    • With effectiveness across electromagnetic (radar, infra-red, electro-optic (EO), visible) and acoustic spectrums.
  • Functional Materials
    • Materials that combine a structural role with additional functionality.
  • Metallics and Ceramics
    • Including materials for protection, high temperature and lightweight applications.
  • Polymers and Composites
    • Emphasising lightweight damage tolerance at low cost.
  • Through Life Capability Management and In-Theatre Support
    • Covering all issues of materials in service, such as corrosion, fatigue, erosion, inspection.


All proposals must have a clear military application in order to be considered. This CDE call is for proposals for initial proof of concept research which are expected to be typically of three to six months duration

Details of the problem area and the desired outcomes will be presented at a seminar in Birmingham on 6 September 2011. The call for new ideas and technologies will open on this date. Companies are strongly advised to attend the seminar to hear firsthand the military challenges.

More detail on the challenge is listed on the Technology Strategy Board website