Call for participation in 'Innovation in Aviation Security' project

Defence, Safety and Security Committee
18 Aug 2010

INSTINCT is a cross-Government programme involving more than a dozen Government departments, led by the Office for Security and Counter Terrorism (OSCT) within the Home Office. It was set up to seek innovative solutions to support UK’s Science and Technology Strategy for Countering International Terrorism. As part of this programme, the OSCT has selected Thales UK and Intellect to undertake a project to identify and trial new technologies, solutions and ideas from any small, medium or large-sized business or academic institution that can be used to enhance aviation security.

The INSTINCT-Technology Demonstrator 2 (TD2) project is designed to discover, trial and showcase emergent security technologies, solutions and ideas for aviation security. These concepts will be validated through trials and analysis conducted in a combination of live physical environments and synthetic environments.

Participation in the project is sought from any person, company or academic institution (‘demonstrators’), regardless of size or location, that has a technology, solution, or idea that could improve aviation security at any stage in the air travel process. Ideally this would improve, or at least not adversely affect, passenger experience, and airport revenues.

Benefits to demonstrators include the opportunity to:

  • share in a cash prize from a prize fund of £50,000, provided by Thales;  
  • test their technology, solution or idea in a real environment that they wouldn’t normally be able to access;  
  • gain invaluable knowledge of the aviation security environment and the application of their technology, solution or idea within this market;  
  • access aviation and industry experts to help them to trial, demonstrate and market their technology, solution or idea in the best possible way;  
  • access a wide range of potential customers and end users;  
  • get coaching and support in the development of their technology, solution or idea into a marketable product and business planning; 


Demonstrators will have:

  • financial support to offset reasonable costs associated with taking part in the trials, subject to status; 
  • protection of intellectual property; and 
  • full support and guidance throughout the entire project. 


In order to ensure we get the best technologies, solutions and ideas from academic institutions Thales is running three road shows during August where academic institutions can meet a Thales representative, learn more about the TD2 programme and talk about their technologies.

These road shows are running on the following dates:

  • August 20th – Imperial College London 
  • August 24th – Edinburgh University 
  • August 26th – Manchester University 


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