• An autoclave used for the production of parts in automotive and aerospace industry.

    Making aeroplane parts without ovens

    Materials World magazine
    A Carbon nanotube film can produce aerospace-grade composites without the need for using large-scale ovens or autoclaves.
  • Protecting military dogs' hearing with flexible materials

    Materials World magazine
    A new type of flexible wearable gear helps protect the sensitive hearing of military dogs.
  • New testing for materials in space

    Materials World magazine
    Surface materials for next-generation satellites have necessitated new techniques in testing and materials characterisation. Ceri Jones reports.
  • Flushing the system

    Materials World magazine
    A repellent coating has been developed to reduce residue sticking to toilets, in a bid to minimise how much water they need to dispose waste. Anthony Caggiano reports.
  • IOM3 launches 3-year business plan

    Following on from November’s changeover to the new governance scheme with the last meeting of the old Council and the first meetings of the new Advisory Council and Executive Board, Trustees have now adopted a new strategy and business plan for 2020-2022.
  • Nominations invited for IOM3 2020 Awards in the Polymer and Elastomer Disciplines

    The Polymer Society
    The Institute makes a number of prestigious awards for people in the polymer and elastomer sectors and nominations are always encouraged
  • IOM3 responds to Queen's Speech for the next Government

    The Monarch has today set out the Government’s plan following the General Election held on 12 December 2019.
  • An open letter to the Prime Minister signed by IOM3

    Following last week’s general election result, the National Engineering Policy Centre, which represents the voice of 39 of the UK’s leading professional engineering bodies including IOM3, has published an open letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson setting out its key priorities for the new government and Parliament.
  • IOM3 digital transformation update

    As Materials World goes to press, the new IOM3 system for managing our member and contacts data is in the process of being configured and a new Member Portal is being set up. The new integrated system will replace the current legacy membership database. We are due to make the changeover at the end of January after a period of intensive testing when we return after the Christmas break.
  • A year as IOM3 President by Professor Serena Best CBE FREng CEng FIMMM

    Our 150th Anniversary year is drawing to a close and, looking back over the months, it is clear that 2019 has been an extremely busy and productive time for IOM3. These activities have been captured in a short video which can be viewed on IOM3 TV. There have also been a variety of important changes and developments that mark a new start for us.