PPE conference 2011

1 Feb 2011 - 2 Feb 2011

More than 3 years ago the European Commission identified Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment as an EU Lead Market and since then a significant number of projects, networks and studies across a broad range of subjects such as R&D, innovation, standardisation, public procurement, education and training as well as market access have been undertaken.

The PPE conference 2011 will take stock of all these initiatives and discuss the way forward. The one and a half day event will feature presentations and panel discussions by reputed experts from across Europe in plenary and parallel sessions and provide ample networking opportunities. We are looking forward to welcoming more than 200 participants from the industry representing the complete PPE value chain from raw materials to service provision, representatives of major industrial and public sector end users, public procurement organisations, researchers and specialised consultants, EC officials & EU member state representatives.

In essence the PPE conference 2011 will:

  • Inform industry, end users & policy makers about the status of the PPE Lead Market initiative 
  • Highlight major innovation trends and needs for increased competitiveness of the PPE sector in Europe 
  • Collect input for follow-up work and discuss with all relevant partners that could provide resources for such work 
  • Showcase results of on-going publicly funded projects in the PPE field 



Key questions to be addressed:

  • How to better transfer research results (European & national projects) to industry? 
  • How to make standardisation/certification more effective? 
  • How can standardisation foster economic growth? 
  • How to improve public procurement processes so that they encourage innovation & quality rather than just lowest cost? 
  • How to feed back end user needs/problems into the supply chain? 
  • How to grow the market both within Europe & worldwide? 
  • How to promote an innovative forward-looking image for the EU PPE industry?


Venue and booking

Event Location: 
HUSA President Park Hotel
Blvd du Roi Albert II
United Kingdom
Contact details: 

Lutz Walter