Daniel Sully, Australia

Daniel is an exploration geologist by training and profession. He decided to study geology because it is a challenging and engaging discipline that has allowed him to engage with and cultivate his main passions in life: people, travel, science and the natural world.

Daniel graduated from the University of Western Australia in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science (Hons). Since then he has worked as an exploration geologist on a range of projects in Australia and Africa looking for zinc, copper and gold deposits.

Mt Percy Gold Deposit: The Role and Significance of Porphyry Intrusions in The Gold Mineralisation Process

Archean orogenic deposits commonly show a spatial association with porphyry intrusions; however, the role of these intrusions in the genesis of orogenic gold deposits is poorly constrained. Understanding this relationship could improve target generation and assessments of regional prospectivity.

The Mt Percy gold deposit (>10y Au) is at the northern end of the Kalgoorlie gold camp, which hosts the world-class Golden Mile deposit (>2,000t Au). At Mt Percy there is a clear temporal and spatial relationship between specific types of porphyry intrusions and different stages of gold mineralisation, although volumetrically the intrusions are not big enough to have been the only source of gold.

The temporal and spatial overlap of intrusive phases and gold mineralisation at Mt Percy demonstrates the possibility of there being a genetic link between the two. This link could have implications for exploration, whereby specific types of porphyries could be used as indicators of gold prospectivity.


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