Daniel Lo, Canadian finalist

Daniel Lo was born in Calgary, Alberta. He graduated from the University of Calgary with distinction from the Department of Mechanical Engineering in 2005. Afterwards, he completed a Masters in Mechanical Engineering, which focused on the fabrication and theoretical modeling of porous alumina. His current PhD project, funded by NSERC, aims to formulate a model for porous alumina growth, and is concerned with statistical mechanical modeling of alloy systems. In his spare time, Daniel enjoys reading, computer animation, and hiking.

Production of porous anodic alumina from impure aluminum

Porous anodic alumina (PAA) has attracted interest as a candidate material for nanomaterials’ manufacturing. The novel morphology of PAA consists of a regular arrangement of nanometre-scale pores. Under certain anodization conditions, self-ordered PAA can result, where regular pore arrays are formed spontaneously.

These methods rely on the use of expensive ultra-high purity aluminum. Forcing pore ordering prior to anodization is expensive and time consuming. This talk will present experimental results for self-organized PAA anodized from commercially available impure aluminium. The morphology of the resulting PAA is compared to results found for PAA anodized from ultra-pure aluminium.