• Model behaviour of ceramic and intermetallic alloys

    Materials World magazine
    Physical modelling to bridge the knowledge gaps between the atomistic and macroscopic levels of intermetallic alloys and ceramic coatings is under development.
  • Conference survey needs your input

    As part of the Institute's continuing commitment to provide the best services and products possible, IOM3 is inviting you to participate in a survey on conferences.
  • Flow wrap

    Corrosion-free flow wrap

    Packaging Professional magazine
    A flow wrap for high volume metal products that is said to prevent corrosion during storage has been launched by Technology Packaging, based in Northwood, UK. This has eliminated the need to lubricate products with oil, and is also said to last longer than previous techniques.
  • Nominations invited for Institute’s 2010 medals and prizes

    The Institute’s 2010 medals and prizes are accepting nominations until 18 December.
  • Nanotechnologies: influence and inform the UK strategy

    Nano Committee
    The Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) is inviting views to assist t he Government in developing a strategy for nanotechnologies.
  • Deadline approaching for CEnv fast track

    Members have until the end of August to take advantage of the fast track accreditation for Chartered Environmentalist status.
  • Registration for Offshore Europe now Open

    Energy Transition Group
    Registration for Offshore Europe 09 is now open. The Offshore Europe Conference & Exhibition attracts a global audience of engineers, technical specialists, industry leaders and experts, to share ideas, debate the issues of the moment and to create common agendas for the future of the upstream industry. To register go to http://www.offshore-europe.co.uk/page.cfm/Link=1/t=m/goSection=1
  • A tide calculator

    Treasures from the Mary Rose exhibition

    The preservative and corrosive effects of seawater on a range of materials can be explored at the Hidden Treasures from the Mary Rose exhibition in south Croydon, which runs until 7 August.
  • One example of a working energy from waste plant in the UK is the distributed energy scheme in Sheffield, UK.

    Energy from biomass and waste

    Materials World magazine
    Biomass and biofuels have received a great deal of science, engineering and media attention, and the debate surrounding the sustainability of these fuel sources is ongoing. Professor John Oakey, Head of the Energy Technology Centre at Cranfield University, UK, reports on the Institute’s Energy from Biomass and Waste conference, held on 11 March in London, UK.
  • IOM3 2009 Award and Prize winners announced

    The recipients of the 2009 Institute Awards and Prizes have been decided. The premier award winners will receive their awards at a ceremony on 7 July.