Diary of courses

This section shows courses organised by IOM Communications Ltd and endorsed by the Institute's technical divisions, societies and associations, as well as other courses which have gained IOM3 approval for Professional Development.

See full details of the Institute's own packaging courses as well as wood technology qualifications and clay technology qualifications.

Exploring Plastics Extrusion

18 Mar 2020 - 19 Mar 2020, Shrewsbury, United Kingdom

Explores the extrusion process enabling optimization of processes, troubleshooting and avoidance of problemsFurther information >

Recycling of Plastics and Managing Their Environmental Impact

24 Mar 2020, Shrewsbury, United Kingdom

The course will cover important technical, societal and regulatory areas associated with the impact of plastics on the environment. Its broad subject range will not, however, include an overview of eco-toxicity or include biological impact and the course’s emphasis will tend towards the regulatory and material science aspects of the subject.Further information >

An Introduction to Thermoplastic Elastomers

1 Apr 2020 - 2 Apr 2020, Shrewsbury, United Kingdom

This course is designed for those wishing to gain an insight into this growing class of polymer material. Participants will learn the essential properties of TPEs and the different sub classes and their advantages and disadvantages. Reference will be made to their increasing influence in food contact and medical device applications.Further information >

Management Skills: Leadership & Management Workshop

2 Apr 2020, Grantham, United Kingdom

For managers and supervisors, both present and aspiring, who want to better understand different leadership styles and how to help themselves and their staff reach their potentialFurther information >

Aluminium Rolling Technology Course

20 Apr 2020 - 24 Apr 2020, Banbury, United Kingdom

The Aluminium Rolling Technology course will help you reduce downtime and improve your product quality because you’ll be able to diagnose and solve rolling problems quicklyFurther information >

Introduction to Materials

21 Apr 2020, Grantham, United Kingdom

This is a one-day course designed to give those embarking on a technical career or those working in non-technical roles in the materials/manufacturing sector an introduction to the fascinating world of materials science and engineering. Through a series of presentations, practical activities and small group discussions we will explore how understanding the structure of a material allows us to control its properties through how we process it to shape. We will investigate how materials have helped to change technology in many areas of our everyday lives that we take for granted.Further information >

Introduction to Plastics & Rubber Materials in Medical Devices

22 Apr 2020 - 23 Apr 2020, Shrewsbury, United Kingdom

Introduction to the polymer material requirements, quality systems and manufacturing conditions for companies considering entering the medical device supply chain. CPD course.Further information >

Packaging Innovation and Design for a Circular Economy

28 Apr 2020 - 29 Apr 2020, London, United Kingdom

The course is targeted at packaging professionals in a wide range of roles and businesses, from marketing to technical, operational and procurement from manufacturing, supply, design and services.Further information >

Introduction to Food Contact Materials - Products, Regulations and Testing

29 Apr 2020 - 30 Apr 2020, Shrewsbury, United Kingdom

Considers use of polymeric materials in food contact products, constituent migration and international regulations.Further information >

Investigating and Prevention of Failure in Plastic Components

6 May 2020, Shrewsbury, United Kingdom

Plastic materials find uses in many engineering applications where reliable and consistent performance is critically important. The failure of such materials can often have damaging and expensive consequences. Therefore, understanding the cause can assist in rectifying the issue, limiting the damage and avoiding future failures.Further information >