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  • A ten-year journey to boost UK recycling

    In the last ten years, the number of local authorities collecting beverage cartons at kerbside has jumped from 10% to 67%. Mandy Kelly, from The Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment, outlines how it was done.
  • Material Marvels: Tame the river

    In the 1930s, during a time of global depression, the Hoover Dam project brings work to the western American states and valuable lessons for future dam engineering. Ines Nastali reports.
  • Crossrail – dig it out

    Crossrail’s boring machines excavated 42km of tunnels for the new train line that will run through the south east of England in 2019, but what happens to the excavated material? Ines Nastali investigates.
  • The rise of calcined clays

    An effective way to reduce CO 2 emissions is to use supplementary cementitious materials such as calcined clays, as Mark Tyrer, Christopher Cheeseman and Alan Maries argue.
  • The natural approach to carbon capture and storage

    Architect Peter Wilson takes a closer look at the natural approach to carbon capture and storage in the UK, and argues that the importance of trees should not be forgotten.
  • Material Marvels: The Crystal Palace

    There are only a few pillars left of what was South London’s Crystal Palace – a glass building that burned down in 1936. Anna Ploszajski writes.
  • Pretty in brick

    Brick served as a connector between past and future of Leeds’ Victoria Gate Arcade refurbishment, as Ines Nastali reports.
  • ClayTech UK 2017

    ClayTech UK 2017 – A time of opportunities and challenges
  • Q&A – Hamish Herford

    Hamish Herford, Director at Hamish & Lyons Architects, UK, talks to Ellis Davies about his project, the Stepping Stone House, Hurley, which has been shortlisted for the Architecture Awards of the royal Institute of British Architects.
  • Best of brick

    Kathryn Allen looks at the mysteries of engineering behind the dome of the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence, Italy.