• The future of manufacturing

    John Grew, Site Engineering Manager at Ibstock Brick Ltd, and Stephen Mitchell, Director of Apprenticeship and Technical Training at EEF, UK, talk to Ellis Davies about the future of manufacturing in the UK.
  • Capaccioli then and now

    Fjorela Spaho profiles Capaccioli, Italy, a supplier of machinery and complete plants for the heavy clay industry.
  • Innovation at the brick awards

    Clay Technology takes a look at the projects shortlisted for the innovation category at the Brick Awards 2018, by the Brick Development Association.
  • Material Marvels: the Taj Mahal

    A mausoleum and example of Indo-Islamic architecture, the Taj Mahal has become synonymous with India. However, it faces threats from pollution and tourism. Kathryn Allen takes a look at its history.
  • Tanzania: Firing up

    Ali Sheriff looks at how to make the leap from batch to continuous firing of bricks in Tanzania.
  • Survey from the sky

    Adrian Wilkinson and Rupert Wilks, QuarryDesign, UK, explore the use of drones in quarry surveys.
  • Q&A – Nigel Cooke

    Dr Nigel Cooke, Director of the UK Quality Ash Association, talks to Gary Peters about his career and the fly ash industry.
  • Sustainable thinking

    Aidan Bell, co-founder of Envirobuild, UK, looks at the production of clay and how modern methodologies have influenced an ancient discipline.
  • With spraying colours

    Ines Nastali looks at the latest trends in pigment engineering and how chemicals used in the industry should be surveyed for effective environmental impact control.
  • The good in engineering

    Alastair Marsh, University of Bath, UK, Cecilia Isvén, Senior Technical Consultant at IBM, and Peter Gates, Associate Structural Engineer at Giraffe Engineering, UK, talk about how engineers can support the greater good.