3D Printing - Beyond the Hype

Cleveland Institution of Engineers
14 Jan 2020
3D Printing lecture poster

Jacob Wilson presented an excellent lecture on "3D Printing - Beyond the Hype" at the STEM CEntre at Middlesbrough College on Wed Jan 8th.  He explained the principles of the main types of 3D printers, and what they are best suited to.  Development of this process, and products that are suited to 3D printing looks set to increase as the process is further developed.  Holes that go round corners, and parts within other parts are impossible other than by 3D printing.

Jacob's slides are attached as a .pptx file because there are links to Youtube videos on slides 19 and 24.  If you play the presentation in slideshow mode, click on the photos on these slides to play the video.


Documents for download: 
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