Lecture - Active Buildings: from photovoltaics to zero carbon

Cleveland Institution of Engineers
24 May 2019
Active Building

Professor Dave Worsley, Vice President (Innovation) Swansea University, and Dr Paul Jones, from the SPECIFIC Innovation and Knowledge Centre spoke about power consumption and generation from individual buildings.  The UK faces a unique series of challenges to power our buildings into the future. Buildings produce 40% of the UKs carbon emissions. The concept of Active Buildings is that we can redesign the way we make and power buildings so they have lower carbon embodiment and generate more power than they use, from the sun’s energy.  The slides show some of the buildings actually constructed to demonstrate this, and the advances in producing flexible sheets of Photovoltaics.  There is also a photo of a PV roof over an electric car, which it can charge during the day.

The slides from the lecture are downloadable below.

Documents for download: 
PDF icon DW PJ Zero C and PV_2-4-19.pdf6.65 MB