Lecture - "Coming out of the Dark…Demolition Engineering"

Cleveland Institution of Engineers
3 Jan 2019
Demolition Photo

On Tuesday 6th November Dave Gauja gave a lecture to the CIE entitled "Coming out of the Dark…Demolition Engineering"   He presented the challenges involved in dismantling structures within confined areas, whilst containing all the materials.  Different techniques are used depending on the structure and its location.  Recycling materials is key, and in some cases "Surgical Demolition", ie taking a structure apart piece by piece, is required.

Due to the size of Dave's presentation, some of the videos have been removed and replaced with links to similar ones on You Tube.  The video on slide 27 remains in place, click on the body of the slide, and then the arrow on the play bar.

If you would like the full original presentation, please contact cieevents@iom3.org and I will upload it to DropBox and send you a link so that you may download it.

Documents for download: