Sirius Minerals Lecture with the ICE

Cleveland Institution of Engineers
29 Mar 2018
Sirius Minerals mine site

On Tuesday March 20th Matt Parsons and Mark Pooleman from Sirius Minerals gave a presentation on the progress with the new Polyhalite mine south of Whitby, and the tunnel to Teesside.  With the mine site being in the National Park, pit head gear such as that at Boulby is not permitted, so the output from the mine has to be transferred to a conveyor and transported to Teesside before it sees daylight.  There will be some processing at Teesside before loading onto ships.  Currently work is progressing on the mine shaft, and the sinking of a shaft opposite Lockwood Beck is about to start.  Tunnel boring machines will be used to construct the tunnel.  It is planned to start mining in 2021.

Slides are downloadable below.


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