Brent Delta Platform Decommissioning

Cleveland Institution of Engineers
19 Feb 2018
Brent Delta platform at AbleUK

"Preparation is the Quay – the Shell Brent Decommissioning Project……the story so far​" was presented by Neil Etherington, Business Development Director at Able UK.  He outlined AbleUK's background and some other projects before detailing the construction of the special quay to allow reception of oil platforms for dismantling.  He then described with videos, the removal and transportation of the Brent Delta platform to Able's Seaton Port Quay at Hartlepool.  There were some videos of early stages of deconstruction of the platform.  Able UK aim to recycle 98.5% of the rig.

A .pdf of the slides is downloadable below.  The whole presentation is 621Mb so cannot be uploaded to this site.  If you would like a copy please contact, and I can send it via Dropbox.

Some of the videos can be viewed at Able UK's website --->​   (wait for the main picture to cycle round to the Delta platform, and there is a link to a video)

Some videos can also be found on -->​ 

Documents for download: 
PDF icon Brent Decommissioning - 6 Feb 18.pdf9.55 MB