Active Buildings: from photovoltaics to zero carbon

2 Apr 2019
Middlesbrough, Cleveland

"Active Buildings: from photovoltaics to zero carbon" by Prof Dave Worsley and Dr Paul Jones will be on Tuesday 2nd April at 6pm at the Centuria Building, Teesside University.  Coffee and chat from 5:30pm, refreshments after the lecture.

The UK faces a unique series of challenges to power our buildings into the future. Buildings produce 40% of the UKs carbon emissions.  We must move away from gas for heating and our requirement for new buildings using the current methods and power metrics means we will need more power infrastructure.  The concept of Active Buildings is that we can redesign the way we make and power buildings so they have lower carbon embodiment and generate more power than they use from the sun’s energy. The combination of low cost PV and thermal collectors with batteries and heat stores means that such buildings actually power themselves and provide additional power for example to be used in electric cars.  This radical approach can be adopted now in houses, schools, factories and hospitals giving a huge boost to both the manufacturing sector producing the new materials and the country in terms of reducing carbon emissions. Imagine the impact that this can have globally if it works in the UK!

A poster is downloadable below.  If you can circulate this further, or print and display it, that would be appreciated.


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Centruria Building
Teesside University
United Kingdom
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Sue Parker 

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