CIE Archives

The Teesside Archives in Middlesbrough currently store the CIE Minute Books from 1864 to 2001, and the published Proceedings of Meetings from 1868 to 1942. A second copy of most of the Proceedings is held at Middlesbrough reference Library, and both sets of copies are available for the public to view on request.

The Proceedings have been scanned by a specialist company, and are now available on CD at the Teesside Archives.  They are now searchable in this format, a great aid to research.  They will be available on the IoM3 Digital Library in 2020.  The Minute books have also been scanned, and will be available in the future on CD at the Archives.  

NB - The President's Board at MPI which was found to contain errors between 1900 and 1930 has now been corrected, and the photograph below is the corrected version.

A spreadsheet of past lectures from 8/5/2007 is attached below also.  (Last updated 24/12/19 with lectures up to the end of 2019.)

Documents for download: