Double length Danish brick makes it into the Australian market

Clay Technology magazine
21 Feb 2019

An unusual double-length brick is giving architects further options.

An extra long and thin brick has been released onto the Australian market, to attract architects looking for an alternative to standard bricks when designing office blocks and residential houses.

The Denmark-made Ultima brick measures 46.8cm long, 3.8cm tall and 10.8cm deep, making it equal to the length of two standard Danish bricks, including the mortar. The bricks are made by renowned Danish brickmaker, Randers Tegl, and aim to provide an elegant appearance while maintaining the warm and solid characteristics of clay.

Mass production needed a more delicate manufacturing process than conventional formats, and the company had to undertake R&D into producing the optimum clay mixture to ensure it could satisfy the novel format while meeting quality requirements. It also required the firm to make a specialist machine to create the correct shape.

Every brick looks slightly different, to add character. This comes from a distinct texture and finish due to the water-struck moulding process, which involves moistening the moulds with water to eliminate sticking, filling them with clay, and then performing the water-struck process to achieve the handmade patina.

PGH Bricks & Pavers recently announced it will be releasing the bricks on to Australia’s luxury market under the name Lang Mursten.

Lang Mursten bricks come in 11 colours, including dark charcoal, almost white, sandy tones and a hue similar to the common red brick. So far, it has been used in structures such as an office building in Fredrikstad, Norway, a private villa in Stuttgart, Germany, and a music school and library in Wolfurt, Austria.