Construction sector welcomes waste to resource report

Clay Technology magazine
12 Feb 2018

Forticrete, Mineral Building Association and others have expressed support for a recent Government report exploring waste as a valuable resource.

A report looking at opportunities to generate value from waste production has won the approval from the construction sector. The paper, From waste to resource productivity, co-authored by Professor Ian Boyd, Chief Scientific Advisor at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, identifies construction as among the highest waste producing sectors but also with one of the highest recovery rates of waste.

Excavation, construction and demolition in the UK collectively generated around 100 million tonnes of waste annually between 2004–2012, although by 2012 the recovery rate was over 80%. The report praises the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM), 3D models of infrastructure that can better allow integrate an engineering and modelling approach, including modelling the waste flow of the building’s lifespan.

Many in the construction sector, including the Mineral Building Association (MPA), with MPA Cement contributing to findings, the Environmental Services Association and Forticrete, a concrete products supplier, have welcomed the report.

John Lambert, Managing Director of Forticrete, commented, ‘The report is important because it recognises the steps manufacturers such as us are taking to reduce our impact on society. To make the best use of the report, businesses across the supply chain need to work together so it can be used by the Government in its policy making process.’