Around the world - clay global update

Clay Technology magazine
10 Dec 2013

Rhiannon Garth Jones looks at news in clay technology across the globe.



Deforcet, a project by French firm Cleia, has received support from both
the French Government and the Total energy group as part of a drive to
improve energy efficiency. The project aims to reduce energy consumption
in industrial tunnel kilns for firing heavy clay building materials by
more than 25%.

The country’s first
mineral-wool filling plant, commissioned by Austrian firm Wienerberger,
opened in September 2013. The plant produces bricks where the insulating
material, in this case natural rock wool, is included in the brick.

firm Morte has expanded its market into Russia with a series of
agreements and new business relationships. An agreement with Salvena,
Russia, to consolidate its commercial presence in the region has lead to
deals with 5th Element, one of Russia’s ceramic brick production
factories, as well as firms such as the construction firm LSR Group and
textile company Petrokeramika, both Russian.

the layered magnesium phyllosilicate present in clay soil, has been
used to investigate the intestinal integrity of weaned piglets in China.
Its chain-layered crystal structure gives it adsorption properties,
cation exchange capacity and adhesive ability, and its large surface
area allows it to adsorb pathogenic bacteria and toxins. Trial results
showed that palygorskite is beneficial to the digestive system.