Ceramitec 2012 preview - finalising your plans for 22–25 May

Clay Technology magazine
12 Feb 2012
Ceramitec exhibition

Manufacturers, users and scientists from across the clay industry will come together at the New Munich Trade Fair Centre this May for an exhibition and conference covering all areas of clay and ceramics.

The exhibition will be divided into four main sections covering:

  • raw materials and additives, powders, production materials and aids
  • refractory materials, firing aids, kilns and equipment/research
  • machinery, plants and equipment for heavy clay ceramics
  • machinery, plants and equipment for fine and refractory ceramics and powder metallurgy

A supporting programme of presentations and panel discussions will run throughout the event, including:

  • Powder metallurgy day
  • Heavy clay day
  • Technical ceramics day
  • ThinkIng for students 


This initiative gives students a chance to speak with leading companies to discuss a career in clay. Engineers, electrical technicians and process technicians will give students advice on the industry and the kinds of jobs available, giving companies a chance to speak to prospective employees and new talent. Further information on the kinds of courses suitable for those wishing to work in clay will also be given. 

Heavy clay day - Wednesday 23 May

The heavy clay industry has been a victim of the recession. As a result, CERAMITEC is dedicating a whole day to the sector in 2012, looking to the future resurgence of the industry. Experts will deliver a series of talks on the topic ‘conservation of natural resources and energy efficiency’. The European Ceramic Technology Suppliers working group will also hold a discussion on this theme. Topics covered under this theme will include:

  • new machinery
  • energy efficiency
  • innovative products
  • raw materials 

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency will be a major theme at the event. The fair aims to encourage a dialogue between ceramics manufacturers and their suppliers in order to find new solutions to the problems of energy efficiency in the clay industry. Discussion topics will include:

  • reducing the toxicity of raw materials
  • increasing the energy efficiency of end products (for example, houses or bathrooms)
  • manufacturing with fewer carbon emissions  Main topics covered at the event:
  • raw materials and additives, production materials and ancillaries
  • storage
  • conveying
  • feeding, batching
  • weighing
  • crushing, grinding, milling
  • grading, screening, separation
  • mixing, blending
  • moulding, shaping
  • glazing, decorating, surface treatment
  • heat treatment
  • measurement and control
  • analysis and laboratory equipment
  • plant construction, engineering
  • dust extraction, filtering
  • handling, packaging, automation
  • tool, spares, replacement parts
  • protection of the environment
  • technical ceramics, advanced ceramics, components and services
  • research and training, technology transfer
  • trade and specialist literature, associations and organisations 


Running at the same time, and in the same venue as CERAMITEC, is the Automatica exhibition on automation and mechatronics. This event is aimed at everyone working in manufacturing and could be worth visiting during your time at Munich.

For more information, visit: www.automatica-munich.com/en 

Tourist information

Visit the Munich Tourist Office website to find out about the museums, art galleries and theatres to plan a tour of Munich during your visit to CERAMITEC: www.muenchen.de/int/en/Rathaus/tourist_office/index.html

For exhibitors

The ‘your key to trade fair success’ programme is available free to all exhibitors. Included in the package are a handbook, checklists, information and facts, case studies and an online training course to help you make the most of the business opportunities available at CERAMITEC. For further information, contact Daniel Gundelach, email: gundelach@meplan.de 

For visitors

Don’t miss the online database of all exhibitors to help you plan your visit, and several discounted travel options for getting to the trade fair in Munich. Book your ticket in advance online to receive a discounted rate and avoid queuing on arrival. Once at the New Munich Trade Fair Centre, you can use the extensive facilities including child care, internet access, tourist information, cafes, restaurants, a beer garden and the international visitors lounge.

Tickets are available now on the website at: www.ceramitec.de/en/visitors/tickets

For a list of hotels visit: www.ceramitec.de/en/accomodation

For travel advice and information on discounted tickets for visitors visit: www.ceramitec.de/en/gettingthere

To browse the database of companies exhibiting, go to: www.nfm-ceramitec.de/nf/1707/1712.php

Further information

Ceramitec 2012 website