Living Brick

Clay Technology magazine
1 Apr 2007
Living Brick

The Living Brick is intended as a new construction material for facing urban/suburban structures. It exploits one of the most common commodities in the urban landscape – the surfaces of buildings – as spaces for ‘vertical gardens’.

The extruded bricks can be used in small spaces or dispersed throughout an area to create a garden wall, or even to cover the façades of buildings. In this situation, the item would have additional boreholes running through it to regulate and ensure sufficient watering. This could be fed off a rainwater recycling system or attached to the mains. The Living Brick is laid as an outer layer with a waterproof membrane behind it to prevent liquid penetrating the wall.

Devised by David Hood of Brighton University, UK, the brick was entered in a competition, ‘2020 Living’, at the Ideal Home Show held at Earls Court in London, UK, from 9 March to 2 April. The contest asked second and final year university students to devise products, furniture and services for the near future.