BTEC award in lean construction

Clay Technology magazine
1 Oct 2006

The Construction Lean Improvement Programme (CLIP) has launched a BTEC level 3 advanced award in lean construction. Established in partnership with Resource Development International (RDI) and the national awarding body Edexcel, the qualification will be available to individuals participating in a CLIP activity.

‘Construction companies and their clients are increasingly realising that they need to implement practical changes to the way they work in order to minimise costs, improve quality and to deliver on time. This is what lean does,' says Martin Watson, Director of CLIP. ‘Lean can be effectively introduced by working with people at the sharp end - on the shop floor or the construction site'.

CLIP was created by the DTI and Building Research Establishment Ltd (BRE) in 2003 to improve the UK construction industry's financial performance, products and services, as well as to help the industry cope with the skills shortage.

Lean construction makes use of three key concepts

  •  Processes - transforming the form, fit and function of material or information to meet the customers' requirements.
  •  Value - considering something valuable if the client cares that it is being done.
  •  Waste - operating on the belief that if something is not valuable to the client, it is waste and should be reduced. CLIP operates across the whole construction supply chain to provide knowledge and practical skills based on these concepts.

    Trainees studying the new qualification are expected to participate in a Masterclass for at least 15 days. These sessions include lean processes, lean relationships, leadership and communications, and teamwork and team leader training.

    Participants will be assessed on attendance - a minimum of 30 guided learning hours are required - as well as via an assessor's report that is based on an individual observation of participation during the CLIP activity and written responses to questions posed by the assessor. This report will be independently verified by Edexcel or RDI. Time will also be set aside for formal training to consider aspects of the syllabus not covered by the masterclass.

‘Our customers value the qualification because it is a simple way for them to demonstrate to their customers, suppliers and staff that they take improvement seriously,' adds Watson.

CLIP is currently recruiting trainees, and expects about 100 to take part in the first year of the course.


Further information:

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