• Doctoral theses donated to IOM3

    Late last year the Institute received an offer of donation from the Department of Materials at Imperial College of a collection of doctoral theses. In January 2018 these were incorporated to the National Materials and Mining Archive in Grantham.
  • A new story for Sub-Saharan glass

    Materials World magazine
    The narrative of glass working in Sub-Saharan Africa has changed because of a recent excavation. Ellis Davies reports.
  • London hosts Materials Protecting the Environment Seminar

    Challenges of environmental protection and sustainability are proving to be more potent in everyday life and in every aspect of materials usage. Issues like climate change and ocean health are...
  • The Oil & Gas Technology Centre is looking inside and outside its industry for new technology ideas

    Oil & Gas Division
    The Centre's latest 'Call for Ideas' is seeking new concepts, solutions and approaches for seabed pressure isolation; well systems; stimulating well flow.
  • Achieving a sustainable future is Mission Possible

    Sustainable Development Group
    What does the sustainable business of 2030 look like? This is the question asked to 18 sustainability business leaders in a two-day workshop as part of the Sustainability Leaders Forum, sponsored by Cranfield University and facilitated by Organisations that Flow.
  • A nano risk

    Clay Technology magazine
    A report looks into the potential dangers of nanotechnology in the construction industry. Ellis Davies investigates.
  • Economic digest

    Clay Technology magazine
    Using data from the UK Office for National Statistics and the Markit/CPS Construction PMI, we present an overview of UK construction related economic information.
  • Heal the Earth via the heavens

    Clay Technology magazine
    Khai Trung Le talks to Professor Stephen Luby about the use of satellite imagery to help change harmful brick manufacture in Bangladesh.
  • Learning from nature

    Clay Technology magazine
    A new process of toughening ceramics in ambient conditions has been discovered. Kathryn Allen reports.
  • The modern quandary

    Clay Technology magazine
    Khai Trung Le looks at claims over the last two years that the construction sector needs to radically modernise or face decline.