Clay technology courses & qualifications

Supporting those working at all levels in the Heavy Clay Industry

Our Clay Training covers a wide range of topics and our courses are suitable for those just starting out in the industry or simply wanting to expand their knowledge, those wishing to develop their learning further and those needing to undertake regular training to maintain their CPD record. 

Our courses are available in a number of formats and some lead to recognised qualifications from PIABC. Our tutors are experts from the heavy clay industry and, along with us, they will support you throughout your learning journey.

Clay Technology Training is delivered by IOM3 Training Academy in association with The International Clay Technology Association (ICTa).

Courses leading to qualifications

PIABC Level 2 Clay Tech - web.png

PIABC Level 2 Award in Clay Technology

A perfect introduction to the Heavy Clay Industry for those with little or no practical experience

PIABC Level 3 Cert in Clay Tech web.png

PIABC Level 3 Certificate in Clay Technology

A course for those wishing to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the heavy clay industry


Support for Clay Quarry Managers and Responsible Persons

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CPD Scheme for Clay Quarry Managers and Responsible Persons

Initiative designed to support Clay Quarry Managers in recording their annual CPD requirement.

Intermediate Geotechnical Knowledge web.png

Intermediate CQM Course

Two-day, level 3 course for clay quarry managers and assistant managers

Advanced Clay Quarry Managers web.png

Advanced CQM Course

A two-day geotechnical knowledge & practice course for Clay Quarry Managers.

CQM Effective management contractors web.png

CQM Effective Management of Contractors

One-day course to support Quarry Managers in the safe management of contractors.

CQM Quarry ops web .png 1

CQM Quarry operations and environmental sustainability

One day course for operators of quarries to understand and manage environmental issues on a day-to-day basis

CQM Quarry Safety Inspections.png

CQM Quarry Safety Inspections

One-day course to support Quarry Managers in the requirements, planning and performance of safety inspections

CQM Risk Assessment web.png

CQM Risk Assessment

One-day course to support quarry managers in carrying out simple risk assessments in the workplace.