The last 18 months have seen the UK government consult on the implementation of an extended producer responsibility (EPR) scheme for packaging and IOM3 Training Academy are pleased to be able to offer two training courses for those wishing to understanding how the new regulations will impact upon their business.

Both courses will be taking place at our training centre, The Boilerhouse, in Grantham. 

The course fee for each of these one-day courses is £550 +VAT at 20% where applicable.  This includes lunch and refreshments throughout the day.  IOM3 members and subscribers to Module 2 of our Business Partner Programme are entitled to a discount of 10% on the course fee.

This one-day introductory course is suitable for anyone that wants to understand more about extended producer repsonsibility and its impact on the packaging industry.  It will cover:

  • What is EPR and where does it fit alongside other legislation?
  • How does EPR relate to existing PRNs?
  • What are modulated fees?
  • Why is data so important?
  • What are unintended consequences?

Book our Introduction to EPR for packaging course on Wednesday 22 June 2022


Our second course goes in to far more detail on the aspects that businesses need to consider and is most suited to those that will be actively involved in  packaging.  It will cover:

  • Data - what information you will need to gather, how it should be presented, the importance of accuracy and identifying what is product and what is packaging
  • Evaluating recyclability of packaging
  • Packaging specifications with EPR in mind

Book our Integrating EPR into your business course on Wednesday 28 September 2022