Engineering structural integrity brings together the fields of materials science, structural engineering and many other disciplines to analyse whether a structure is fit for purpose.  This could be anything that experiences loading during use, from a complex, multi-component structure like a bridge to a single component such as a bolt. 

IOM3 is pleased to be collaborating with FESI (Forum in Engineering Structural Integrity) on this suite of lectures which highlight some of the latest developments and demonstrate the importance of structural integrity.

Who are the lectures aimed at?

This lecture series is for anyone working in science and engineering with an interest in how structures and components behave during operation.

How can I view the lectures?

We will be running a lecture roughly once a month for five months.  You are welcome to pick and choose which lecture or lectures you wish to attend.  Delegates viewing all five lectures, either live or on-demand, will receive a certificate of completion.

To view a lecture, simply click on the relevant link below.  This will allow you to register to watch the lecture live and attend the interactive Q&A session at the end, or view the lecture on-demand at a time to suit you.

What will the structure of the sesssions be?

The sessions will all follow the same format and will be recorded so that you can watch at any time.  The first 15 minutes will be a short introduction followed by the main the main presentation for 45 minutes.  There will then be a Q&A and discussion session for a further 30 minutes.

How much does it cost to attend?

Each lecture costs £35 (+VAT where applicable) to attend whether you watch it live or on demand.  We are pleased to offer members of IOM3 and FESI a discounted price of £30 (+VAT where applicable). Subscripbers to the IOM3 Business Partner Programme (Module 2) cab also receive a 10% discount.

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