• Designing packs with the right eco-profile

    Packaging Professional magazine
    An online comparison tool to help designers in the USA and Europe choose the most environmentally-friendly material and processing technique for their packaging is being launched by GreenBlue, a not-for-profit institute in the USA.
  • I-beam skid tube with an optimised fibre pattern

    Strengthening tailored composites

    Materials World magazine
    The mechanical properties of lightweight composites that are made using tailored fibre placement (TFP) technology could be improved using a new online design tool, say scientists in Germany. The software maps out the concentrated stress areas of the base materials
  • Heat shields for cars made from new ceramic

    Dough moulding for resilient ceramics

    Materials World magazine
    UK researchers have created low-cost ceramic compounds with improved thermal and impact properties by applying a fibre reinforcing technique used for polymer moulding composites. These ceramics, made from calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, and an aluminium trihydroxide hardener, could have applications in automotive heat shields or composite aircraft wings.
  • International Year of Natural Fibres - Official Launch

    The official Launch of the International Year of Natural Fibres 2009, as designated by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), takes place in Rome on 22 January 2009, 10.00am (UK time). The event will be webcast and is available to watch live, or at a later time, at www.fao.org/webcast .
  • Last opportunity to enter IOM3 Medals and Prizes 2009

    Candidates have until 19 December to submit nomination forms for the IOM3 Medals and Prizes 2009.
  • Concorde

    SWWPG Concorde Visit June 2008

    South Wales and Western Polymer Group
    South Wales and Western Polymer Group and friends visit Concorde at Airbus, Filton on 21 June 2008.
  • Natural fibres for composites

    Materials World magazine
    A UK consortium has announced the development of its first generation of high performance composites made from natural renewable fibres such as hemp and flax, with polypropylene and polylactic acid. The COMBINE project could help create more environmentally friendly structural components in the transport, medical and construction sectors, say researchers.
  • aeroplane

    Adding surface value to composites

    Materials World magazine
    Applying surface-enhancing coatings to carbon fibre reinforced polymers (CFRP) using thermal spray techniques is the focus of research at TWI in Great Abington, UK. This could extend the use of these materials in high temperature or corrosive environments.
  • Dispersing functional fillers in polymers

    Materials World magazine
    Polyfect, a spin-out company from Loughborough University, UK, hopes to license a technology for dispersing functional fillers to improve the mechanical quality and reduce the weight and cost of polymer products, which could benefit applications such as automotive, packaging and electronics.
  • A British passport with the biometric symbol on the front

    Stopping identity fraud with quantum tunnelling composites

    Materials World magazine
    The risk of fraudsters or terrorists hacking into our personal data will reduce if novel ultrathin switches are incorporated into biometric passports and contactless credit cards, says the team at Peratech in Richmond, UK. The technology is made from quantum tunnelling composites (QTCs) and allows the owner to restrict when sensitive information, contained in radio frequency identification (RFID) microchips, is read by pressing the control.