• Developments in pulse plating

    A recent review by Larson and Farr indicates a high level of technological and innovative research activity in the pulse plating of metals, alloys and composites. Read this article to find out more about this special issue on pulse plating.
  • Adhesion Society: 2011 Annual Meeting, Conference and Short Course

    The Society for Adhesion & Adhesives
    The programme and Reg. Docs. for the next Adhesion Society meeting have now been published
  • Wine bottle corks (Image courtesy of Tecnalia)

    Composite stoppers for wine bottles

    Packaging Professional magazine
    Spanish research organisation Tecnalia is designing composite wine stoppers to combine the benefits of plastic and biomass elements including cork.
  • Materials Technology special issue on ‘Biomaterials and bio-medical engineering’

    This special double issue of Materials Technology: Advanced Performance Materials is dedicated to the theme of structural and functional biomaterials and their diverse applications in a growing and emerging field. The issue consists of papers specially commissioned by the Editor, Professor R D K Misra, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA to review current research in this area. Members of the Institute enjoy free access to this issue and all of the Institute’s refereed journals.
  • December SAA Seminar on Surface Pretreatment

    The Society for Adhesion & Adhesives
    Please note the correction to one of the presenters.
  • Current Calls for Defence

    Defence, Safety and Security Committee
    The Centre for Defence Enterprise currently have a number of calls for funding proposals related to defence.
  • Electron radiation for natural fibre-reinforced composites

    Materials World magazine
    Researchers in Germany have shown that electron radiation can improve interfacial bonding in natural fibre-reinforced composites. The process may be faster, cheaper and more environmentally friendly than existing methods.
  • Materials Science & Engineering Spotlight

    Maney Publishing is the official publisher for the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM 3 ). Members of the Institute can enjoy free access to the Institute’s refereed journals. View this article to find out more about Maney’s journals in the Materials Science & Engineering collection and how to access content.
  • Journal of the Month: Powder Metallurgy

    You will have noticed in the recent issue of Materials World , the Institute journal Powder Metallurgy is Maney Publishing’s Journal of the Month in October. If you've not yet taken advantage of our free content for Powder Metallurgy , you have until 15 November 2010 to do so. Each month we feature a key journal, lifting restrictions on content to make it freely available to all, and providing additional insights into the team behind the journal, its history and content.
  • 11th Triennial International Conference on the Science and Technology of Adhesion and Adhesives

    The Society for Adhesion & Adhesives
    Short Abstract submission date changed to the end of December