Report of ICCM-17 conference

The British Composites Society
10 Nov 2009

ICCM-17, held at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre from 27-31 July, was a great success. Attendance of over 1,200 delegates broke all records for this conference. The event covered research related to composite technology, and emphasised ‘greenness to leanness’.

The success was due to the hard work of the organising committee, supported by IOM3. With over 1,500 abstracts submitted, only those of the highest quality were accepted. Session champions organised parts of the programme and generated interest.

The opportunity to arrange new research programmes involving international co-operation proved a highlight. There was also considerable interest in the potential of renewable biocomposites to reduce CO2 emissions. A specialist session was run to honour Professor Tony Kelly of Cambridge University, a former president of the Institute. Many former colleagues presented research that built upon his original work. This set-up could be used at future conferences to honour eminent people linked to IOM3.

High quality interactive sessions replaced posters. Computer and other artefacts were used to explain the background to research. The symposia were extremely valuable, with many delegates congregating where they were held. Delegates were impressed by the venue as it made networking easy, and presentations were kept to time so that people could move seamlessly between sessions.

As Chairman of the conference I would like to express my gratitude for the hard work of the executive committee.

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