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  • FV432 vehicles with identical visual colour and differing coatings

    MASTering defence - UK work to improve defence

    Team MAST has been delivering the UK Ministry of Defence’s (MOD’s) low to medium maturity materials and structures research since November 2007. This article presents case studies from that work - coatings to lower solar heat absorption, self healing of fibre-reinforced polymer composites and integrated damage resistance in composite structures.

  • Sticking point – adhesive bonding for marine environments

    A look at adhesive bonding in the maritime and offshore industry.

  • Getting the green light — bio-composite racing car

    A UK-based research consortium from the Universities of Ulster and Warwick is building an eco-friendly Formula 3 racing car. They are making use of bio-resins and bio-composites to make a lighter structure and reduce fuel use.

  • Turning the heat on - the Centre for Structural Ceramics

    The Departments of Materials and Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London, UK, have been awarded roughly £5.5m by the UK’s Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) to set up a national Centre for Structural Ceramics we discuss the plans.

  • In the frame — tennis racket development

    Materials selection can affect tennis racket and player performance. The stiffness-related vibration of the frame and shock transmission to the player are common complaints that manufacturers are addressing through applications such as piezo materials.