British Composites Society - mission

The British Composites Society aims to provide a comprehensive service to its members and to encourage the development of composites both as an important group of industrial materials, and as a field of scientific interest.

The British Composites Society recognises composite materials as materials that comprise two or more distinct and separate materials combined to create a single new material with a unique set of properties.  This definition covers an extensive group of material combinations, but the primary focus of the British Composites Society is on fibre reinforced composites with an emphasis on polymer matrices. Particulate (and other) reinforcements, reinforcements at the nanoscale as well as the micro-scale are also all legitimate interests that are addressed by the British Composites Society.

The Mission of the British Composites Society is to develop and support the composites community via the dissemination of knowledge and the establishment and maintenance of professional standards and best practice within the science and engineering community.

Our objectives include:

  • To provide value and support to the Composites Community
  • To provide value and support to individual members of the Institute with a particular interest in Composites 
  • To promote education and training related to the Composites Sector by organising conferences and workshops 
  • To foster the interests of younger members working with Composites 
  • To collaborate with the other technical divisions, regional sections and international organisations on areas of mutual interest
  • To provide input and advice on Composites to decision-making bodies at regional and national level.

The British Composites Society is committed to working with mutually supportive bodies such as the trade association Composites UK and the UK's Knowledge Transfer Network to bridge the interface between the interests of individuals, companies and the nation as a whole.

The British Composites Society is also striving to make and maintain contacts with similarly focused organisations overseas. We welcome members from countries outside the UK in order to improve working relationships and understanding between people in all countries whose interests include composite materials.