British Composites Society - mission

In its 2016 Strategy, the Composites Leadership Forum defined a composite as a “material composed of at least two materials, combined to produce improved properties superior to those of the individual components.”

The Mission of the British Composites Society is to develop and support the composites community via the dissemination of knowledge and the establishment and maintenance of professional standards and best practice.

The Society will support the individual as a learned society, as a professional institution and in training and development in four priority themes:

  • Communications - promoting dissemination of key composite messages to members and non-members, primarily through the BCS microsite,
  • Events - organising and supporting events which will promote the understanding and use of composite materials,
  • Landscape - working with learned institutions, the Composites Leadership Forum, Composites UK and other stakeholders to ensure that the BCS plays a full part in supporting the individual within the Composites landscape,
  • Skills - promoting a skills offering to support the composite community across the full industrial and educational spectrum.

The British Composites Society is striving to make and maintain contacts with similarly focused organisations overseas. We welcome members from countries outside the UK in order to improve working relationships and understanding between people in all countries whose interests include composite materials.