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Welcome to the British Composites Society website.

The Society can trace its origins back to 1987 when it was formed as an independent body to provide a professional home for the growing number of scientists and engineers working in the field of composites materials. Subsequently it became one of the founder Institutions that merged in 1991 to form The Institute of Materials, acting as the Composites Division of the new body. It now operates as an autonomous division with the federal Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.

The Society operates as a learned society and aims to provide a single authoritative voice on composites for individuals who are practising science and engineering with the composite field. In addition, by virtue of its role within IOM3, it provides access to the services of a professional institute capable of taking its members through to professional registration as chartered engineers, scientist and environmentalists.

Our prime function is to support and nurture the career development of our members. We can achieve this is a number of ways. One route is the direct dissemination of knowledge, via workshops, seminars and conferences and by providing opportunities for continuing professional development. Another is through assisting members to progress through successive levels of technical achievement and professional registration. A third route is by the promotion of the subject area itself, increasing awareness of composites within the community at large, the industrial base and government at regional and national levels. By providing accurate and informed information to government and decision making bodies in general we hope to improve the prospects for those working in the field, both in industry and academe.

The Society maintains a list of members and encourages this body to become involved in our activities. All are welcome to the meetings. 

Perhaps most importantly the society will strive to create a community of professionals who have a mutual interest in composite materials where that community can work together to exploit composite material and in doing so create a better world for all of us.

The society is its members! We hope that we can make a difference and encourage success and satisfaction from working within a fascinating sector of advanced materials. Please become involved.

Scope & Mission

The Society aims to provide a comprehensive service to its members and to encourage the development of composites both as an important group of industrial materials, and as a field of scientific interest.

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