Environmental thinking in the current climate

If you can remember back to the start of the New Year, the defining issue was clearly set out to be the continuation at an increasing volume and intensity of the environmental debate. Events around the globe were accumulating evidence that supports the calls for an international, globally coordinated response to the ‘climate emergency’. In the last quarter of the year COP26 was to be held in Glasgow (now postponed until 2021), and to many couldn’t come soon enough, the only concerns were around ‘would it go far enough?’

Sustainability in Mining

There has recently been much discussion regarding climate change, recycling of materials, sustainability and social responsibility. Governments are promising to plant billions of trees per year. Our food packaging cannot be recycled (so why not make packaging that can?). Coal is dirty. Hydrocarbons are polluting the atmosphere. SF6 is more harmful than methane. Unfortunately mining, which always comes in for criticism, is at the top of the hit (or the beating) list.


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