Event report: Materials in Medicine

Biomedical Applications Division
14 Jun 2013

The Materials in Medicine event held at the University of Glasgow on 21 May 2013 attracted a good balance of academic, industrial, and intermediary delegates to hear how developments in a wide range of materials are generating new pharmaceutical and medical device technologies that better address sector needs.

A common theme in all talks was a strong awareness of the drivers behind materials development in healthcare. For example, the following were recurring themes:

  • Controlled and sustained drug release to lower the level of injections / tablet taking (thus enhancing patient compliance)
  • Targeted drug delivery to avoid unnecessary impact on parts of the body not needing a drug
  • Enhancing survival rates associated with surgery
  • Extending length and quality of life in patients with terminal illnesses


Overall, this was an excellent day in which high quality presentations covering a broad range of materials were augmented by good discussions during breaks. This was facilitated by the excellent facilities - a comfortable lecture theatre adjacent to a light and roomy atrium for networking - at the University of Glasgow’s School of Medicine.

Attendees were left in no doubt that materials and materials processing have a crucial role to play in enhancing patient care. A particular strength seen in all presentations was a sound appreciation of current “gold standard” materials combined with a drive to understand and then enhance material performance. Equally impressive was the strong links made between novel product development and the demographic drivers (for example, an ageing population; the need for enhanced quality of life in latter years; helping patients comply with drug-taking etc…) we increasingly face.


Download the presentations from this event for free here.


For a free copy of a full and detailed report of the event or if you have any questions regarding this article or the topic of Materials in Medicine in general please contact Phil Jackson or Steve Morris.