• The five VinylPlus sustainability challenges as presented by https://vinylplus.eu/

    Stepping ahead with lead

    Dr Mark Everard, Associate Professor of Ecosystem Services at the University of the West of England, UK, discusses the need for rational, science-based and profitable steps towards a sustainable future and resolve the circular economy and clean chemistry conflict.
  • Mapping graphene

    Just 16 years from first isolation, graphene is being applied to several healthcare devices, thanks to a bullish EU project. Head of Innovation at the Graphene Flagship, Kari Hjelt, shares some.
  • Ceramic bearings in medicine

    Chris Johnson, managing director of SMB Bearings, discusses some key factors when considering ceramic and alternative bearings for medical environments.
  • Augmenting healthcare

    Kristian Debus heads Thornton Tomasetti’s team making advanced design-engineering capabilities accessible. Katherine Williams learns about his career spanning motorcycles to mitral valves.
  • Photocatalytic materials in healthcare

    Professor of Nanotechnology at the Clore Laboratory, University of Buckingham, Jeremy J Ramsden FIMMM, on how photocatalytic antimicrobial surface coatings can reduce infection.
  • Replacing heart valves - a polymer solution

    How does the heartbeat continuously for an entire lifetime? Cambridge University chemical engineering PhD student, Ruhi Patel, explains how material science could be at the core of its durability.
  • Well spun medical innovations

    Electrospinning was first applied to textiles in the 1930s but only now are scientists realising the magnitude of its potential in medicine. Ledetta Asfa-Wossen reports.
  • Q&A with Rachel Williams FIMMM

    Professor of Ophthalmic Bioengineering Rachel Williams FIMMM at Liverpool University’s Department of Eye and Vision Science and the Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease. With over 25 years in advanced materials, she discusses some highlights.
  • YMC Future Materials Conference

    YMC Future Materials Conference at the University of Leeds
  • Fred Starr recollects...

    Fred discusses the pros and cons of modern cataract surgery and replacement eye lenses.