Outstanding Service Awards

In recognition of achievement and commitment through an Institute's Local Society.

Outstanding Service Awards

Up to 6 awards are presented annually in recognition of achievement and commitment that has not been acknowledged elsewhere.

Main criteria

  • The nominee must have made a significant contribution to the Institute of outstanding prolonged nature (of at least 8 years), through a Local Society.
  • The nominee must be a member of the Institute, irrespective of grade.
  • The nominee will not have received another award recognising service to the Institute.

The award comprises of a certificate and a year's free membership, and is presented at a Local Society event within the recipient's region.

Award judging

Nominations for the Outstanding Service Award are judged by the Local Affairs Committee.

Past winners

2018 - Dr Barry Job CBE Ceng FIMMM (WestIMM)

2017 - Nick Eastwood (MinSouth)

2016 - Andew Carp (ICTa NS),  Christine Blackmore (WestIMM), Clive Hallett (MinSouth) & James Wishart (MIS)

2015 - Geoffrey Hammond (MinSouth), Laurence Wilshire (WEMMA), Chris Turner (EMPkgS)

2014 - Pat Fotster (CorIE). Allan Thomson (MIS), Gary Critchlow (EMMS) & Steve Andrews (EMMS)

2013 - Richard Ball (WEMMA)

2012 - Gavin Bowyer (MinSouth), John Wilcox (SAM), Colin Hindle (SPRA), Clive Fenn (MPG) & Gary Ogden (MPG)

2011 - Tony Brewis (MinSouth), Jan Czerski (MPG), Barry Jones (LSEPkgS), Sue Panteny (MPRG) & Stuart Patrick (MPG)

2010 - Mike Beeson (MPRG), Dave Evetts (EMMS), Charlie Geddes (SPRA), David Seath (MIS) & Robert Walker (NDMS)

2009 - Albert Attwood (MPRG), Tony Hesp (IOM3 South Africa), Carmel O'Donohue (ISPG) & Stuart Porthouse (NEIMME)

2008 - Eric Ivison (MSC), Matthew Philip (SEPRG), David Smalley (EMPkgS) & Derek Watson (TWMS)

2007 - Alan Baxter (MinSouth), Ken Forsdyke (SWPG), Stan Morrell (TPA), Steve Pye (MPkgS) & Martin Wall (OMS)

2006 - Jonathan James (SWMA), George Burke (NEIMME), Ted Darby (EMMS), Jeff Gibbon (SWPG)

2005 - Andy Crangle (NMG), Alan Guthrie (NDMS) & Charles Tidswell (MPG)


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