Harvey Flower Titanium Prize (Retrospective)

To established researchers and materials engineers in the field of titanium.

Harvey Flower Titanium Prize (Retrospective)

The Harvey Flower Titanium Prize is presented to established researchers and materials engineers in the field.

Successful nominees will  have demonstrated most constructive contribution to:

1. an improved understanding of titanium metallurgy or alloy development

2. a new application for titanium or titanium alloys

3. a significant extension of the use of titanium

4. enhancement of the performance of titanium in an existing application

5. any other scientific or technological innovation or improvement in connection with the production, processing and use of titanium and its alloys.

The winner will receive a glass trophy and £500.00

Award judging

Nominations for the Harvey Flower Titanium Prize are judged by the Light Metals Division.

Past winners

2019 Dr David Harvey ProfGradIMMM, 2018 Dr Kate Fox, 2017 Bill Swale, 2016 Prof Fionn P E Dunne, 2015 Roger Owen Thomas, 2013 Mark Dixon, 2012 Prof Martn Bache, 2011 Brad Wynne, 2010 Adrian Walker, 2009 Dr David Dye, 2008 Prof Xinhua Wu, 2007 Prof William J Evans, 2006 Prof M Winstone, 2005 Not awarded, 2004 M McElhone, D Rugg & C Woodward, 2003 Dr D Hu, 2002 Dr M Jackson, 2001 Dr A Godfrey, 1998 J Dirks


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