Frank Fitzgerald Medal and Travel Award

To a student or early career member who has demonstrated excellence in professional development.

Frank Fitzgerald Medal and Travel Award

The Frank Fitzgerald Medal & Travel Grant is awarded to a student or early career* member of IOM3 who has demonstrated excellence in and commitment to continuing professional development in the form of depth or breadth of technical knowledge, or in a personal contribution to promoting the profession.

Nominees need to provide:

1. a full CV

2. a statement of how you would use the travel scholarship

3. the name of a referee who would support your application.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for interview.

The winner will receive a medal and a £1,500.00 travel scholarship.

The Institute defines early career as meaning someone who is, as of 1 September 2020 (allowing for career breaks, e.g. parental leave):
1. within 10 years of the start of their first employment (or self-employment) in a materials, minerals or mining related role, or
2. within 6 years of completing their PhD (in a relevant subject), whichever is sooner
Note - the 10 years from the start of first employment would not normally include any apprenticeships (or equivalent training scheme)

Award judging

Nominations for the Frank Fitzgerald Medal & Travel Grant are judged by the IOM3 Iron & Steel Society.

Past winners

2020 Sarah Connolly, 2019 Hollie Cockings, 2018 A Valizadeh, 2017 E J Pickering, 2016 D Penney, 2015 Not awarded, 2014 S Al Bermani, 2013 L J Booth, 2011 J Lee, 2010 L Way, 2009 Dr Chris Gourlay, 2008 Johan van Boggelen, 2007 Iain Baillie, 2006 S J Kinsey, 2005 C McDonald



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