Colwyn Medal (Not available in 2022)

For outstanding services to the rubber industry.

Colwyn Medal (Not available in 2022)

The Colwyn Medal is presented to an individual for outstanding service to the rubber industry of a scientific, technical or engineering character.

The winner will receive a medal and is expected to prepare and deliver the Rubber Foundation Lecture.

 Given alternate (odd) years with Hancock Medal.

Award judging

Nominations for the Colwyn Medal are judged by the Polymer Society.

Past winners

2022 Not available, 2021 Prof Liqun Zhang, 2019 C M Roland, 2017 M Kluppel, 2016 Not awarded, 2015 Gert Heinrich, 2014 Not awarded, 2013 Mark Warner, 2011 R Spontak, 2009 Dr James Busfield, 2007 Dr Keith Fuller, 2003 Not awarded, 2001 Dr J R Dunn, 1999 Prof K C Frisch, 1997 Dr K A Grosch, 1995 Dr G J Lake, 1993 J M Buist, 1992 A R Williams, 1990 M R Porter, 1989 V F Evstratov, 1988 J B Donnet, 1986 E Holroyd, 1984 A Y Coran, 1981 E W Duck, 1980 H Mark, 1979 M Morton, 1978 A G Thomas, 1977 A N Gent, 1976 J M J Massoubre, 1975 J Furukawa, 1974 J I Cuneen, 1973 C E H Bawn CBE FRS, 1972 A R Payne, 1971 J D Ferry, 1970 A Schallamach, 1969 B C Sekhar, 1968 W F Watson, 1967 V E Gough, 1966 L Mullins, 1965 W C Wake, 1964 G E Bloomfield, 1963 E W Madge, 1962 C L Bateman, 1961 L R G Treloar, 1960 Erich Konrad, 1958 J LeBras, 1957 H W Melville FRS, 1956 W B Wiegand, 1955 H N Ridley & C Flaconer-Flint, 1954 P J Flory, 1953 D Parkinson, 1952 G Gee, 1951 C E T Man, 1950 A van Rossem, 1949 E A Murphy, 1948 J R Scott, 1947 R P Dinsmore, 1946 Geo Martin, 1945 W J S Nauton, 1944 S A Brazier OBE, 1943 A Healey, 1941 B J Eaton OBE, 1940 P Schidrowita & H P Stevens, 1939 S S Pickles, 1938 B D Porritt, 1936 C J Beaver, 1935 D F Twiss, 1934 O de Vires, 1933 W H Paull, 1929 W H Stevens, 1928 G Stafford Whitby



About Lord Colwyn

Lord Colwyn (1859 - 1946) was President of the Institution of the Rubber Industry for the years 1925-29, and during this period did much to increase its scope and activities. He was elected a Fellow in 1944. At the time of his death he was a Vice-President, thus Continuing his interest in its work.

Lord Colwyn presented the Institution with the industry's most coveted award, namely the Colwyn Golg Medal, which is given at the discretion of the Council to member of the industry for conspicuous services.

The RT. Hon. Frederick Henry Smith, first Baron Colwyn, of Colwyn Bay, was also a prominent figure in the cotton industry in Lancashire and as chairman of various Government commissions and committees rendered great services to his country.

Transactions, Institution of the Rubber Industry vol.XXI no.5 February 1946