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Bessemer Gold Medal

For outstanding services to the steel industry, awarded to Mr S I Pettifor, Corus, UK.

Chapman Medal

For distinguished research in the field of biomedical materials, particularly with respect to biomaterials innovation which has produced benefits for patients and/or contributed to associated opportunities for industry, awarded to Professor M Braden, Queen Mary School of Medicine and Dentistry.

Gold Medal

For a company, team or individual who has made a significant contribution to the industrial application of materials, awarded to personnel from Ceres Power Ltd.

Griffith Medal and Prize

In recognition of distinguished work which has made or is making a notable contribution to any branch of materials science, awarded to Professor D J Bacon, University of Liverpool.

Platinum Medal

In recognition of outstanding service to the Institute and to its objectives or for other outstanding contributions to materials science, technology and industry nationally or internationally, awarded to Mr G Selman.

Silver Medal

For Younger Members (normally under the age of 30) in recognition of an outstanding contribution to the broad field of materials science, engineering and technology including promotion of their subject on a national or international basis, awarded to Dr G R McDowell, University of Nottingham.


Dowding Medal & Prize

In recognition of a major contribution to the invention, development or design of metallurgical plant, particularly rolling and finishing, leading to improved economy, yield or quality in metal production, awarded to Mr P F Round, VAI Industries (UK) Ltd.

Frank Fitzgerald Medal & Travel Award

In recognition of a member (under 35 years old) of the Institute who is active in the field of iron and steel, and who has demonstrated excellence in and commitment to continuing professional development in the form of depth and/or breadth of technical knowledge or in a personal contribution to promoting the profession, awarded to Mr C McDonald, Corus UK Ltd.

Grunfeld Medal & Prize

In recognition of professional contribution which has had significant influence on the engineering application of components made from any alloys in the metallurgical industries. This prize is for people in early to mid-career. Awarded to Dr D Dye, Imperial College.

Hadfield Medal & Prize

In recognition of distinguished achievement in relation to metallurgical practice, process development, product development, metallurgical understanding or design engineering connected with iron and steel or associated industries, awarded to Dr D J Naylor, Steel University, IISI.

Holland Award

In recognition of meritorious service in manufacture and technology within the traditional ceramics industry, awarded to Dr N P Glasson, Imerys Minerals Ltd.

Holliday Prize

In recognition of significant or technological contribution relating to any type of composite material, awarded to Professor F R Jones, University of Sheffield.

Hume Rothery Prize

In recognition of distinguished achievements concerned with phase relationship in metallic materials or non-metallic materials of metallurgical interest, awarded to Professor B Sundman, Royal Institute of Technology.

Jenkins Award

In recognition of significant contribution which has enhanced the scientific, industrial or technological understanding of components produced from any type of material via particulate processing, awarded to Dr B Roebuck, National Physical Laboratory.

Rosenhain Medal & Prize

In recognition of distinguished achievement in any branch of materials science, preference being given to candidates under the age of 40, awarded to Professor R Thomson, IPTME, Loughborough University.

T B Marsden Award

In recognition of services to the profession over a period of not less than 20 years by a member who has not been recognised by the Institute in other ways, awarded to Dr C Lea, National Physical Laboratory.

Thomas Medal & Prize

In recognition of scientific or technological contribution to the production or secondary processing of any ferrous alloy, awarded to Mr R Ruddlestone, Corus Engineering Steels.

Verulam Medal & Prize

In recognition of distinguished contributions to refractories or any other type of ceramic materials, awarded to Professor J Kilner, Imperial College, London.


Guy Bengough Award

For a paper published by the Institute which makes an outstanding contribution to the subject of corrosion and degradation of all types of materials and their control. Awarded to Dr L H Hihara, University of Hawaii at Manoa, for the paper "Anodic and cathodic models for interpreting polarisation behaviour of ceramic-coated substrates containing pre-existing breaches". Corrosion Engineering, Science and Technology, Vol 39 No 2 pp 143-151 2004.

Composites Award

For a paper published by the Institute of particular merit in the field of composites. Awarded to Dr P J Hine, Dr R A Duckett, Dr P Caton-Rose and Professor P D Coates of the IRC in Polymer Science & Technology, Universities of Leeds and Bradford, for the paper "Fibre orientation structures and their effect on crack resistance of injection moulded transverse ribbed plate", Plastics Rubber & Composites, Vol 33 No 1 pp 43-53 2004.

Cook Ablett Award

For a paper published by the Institute of particular merit in the field of metals. Awarded to Dr S Issler (Daimler-Chrysler AG. Sindelfingen), Dr A Klenk (MPA Stuttgart), Dr I A Shibli (European Technology Development, Surrey) and Dr J A Williams, Consultant, for the paper "Weld repair of ferritic welded materials for high temperature application", International Materials Reviews, Vol 49 no 5 pp 299–232 2004.

Alan Glanvill Award

For a paper published by the Institute of particular merit in the field of polymers. Awarded to Dr K Porfyrakis and Dr H E Assender of the University of Oxford, for the paper "Mesoscale modelling of processing rubber-toughened acrylic polymers", Plastics Rubber & Composites, Vol 33 no 5 pp 223-93 2004.

Pfeil Award

For a paper published by the Institute of particular merit in the field of ceramics. Awarded to Dr S Wada and Dr T Tsurumi of the Tokyo Institute of Technology, for the paper "Enhanced piezoelectricity of barium titanate single crystals with engineered domain configuration", British Ceramic Transactions, Vol 103 No2 pp93–9 2004.

James S Walker Award

For a published paper or an unpublished project report by a student on the subject of polymers. Awarded to Ms E O Onyshchenko, London Metropolitan University, for the project report written as part of her studies towards the MSc in Polymer Science and Engineering. Ms Onyshchenko studied the course part-time and passed with distinction. The project report was written on the studies Ms Onyshchenko carried out to investigate a system to be used for the recycling of rubber.

Wardell Armstrong Prize

For the best paper published in Transactions B: Applied Earth Science. Awarded to X Emery and J M Ortiz of the University of Chile, Santiago, for the paper "Shortcomings of multiple indicator kriging for assessing local distributions", Applied Earth Science, (Trans IMM B) 113 (4) 2004.

Williams Award

For a paper published by the Institute of particular merit concerned with the manufacture and use of iron and steel. Awarded to H F Marston (Corus Research Development & Technology, Rotherham), P H Bolt (Corus Research Development & Technology, Ijmuiden, Netherlands), G Leprince (IRSID, France), M Röder (Keiper GMBH, Kaiserslautern, Germany), R Klima (Betriebsforschungsinstitut, Düsseldorf, Germany), J Niska (MEFOS, Lulea, Sweden), M Jarl (University of Orebro, Sweden), for the paper "Challenges in the modelling of scale formation and decarburisation of high carbon, special and general steels", Ironmaking & Steelmaking, Vol 31 No 1 pp 57–65 2004.


Harvey Flower Titanium Prize

Awarded to Mr M McElhone, Mr D Rugg and Mr C Woodward of Rolls Royce plc. In view of the high standard of the submissions for the award this year the Titanium Information Group has decided to award two “runners up”: Dr S L Semiatin of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Arlington VA, USA and Dr H Dong of the University of Birmingham.

Charles Hatchett Award

For the best paper on the science and technology of niobium and its alloys, awarded to Y Yamabe-Mitarai, Y Gu, H Harada and S Nakazawa (National Institute of Materials Science, Japan) for their papers 'Compressive Strength and Creep Properties of Ir-Nb-ZR Alloys between 1473 and 2073K', Met. and Mat Trans. A, 34A, 2207-2215, 2003, and 'Creep Behaviours of an Ir-23Nb Alloy at Ultra-High Temperatures', Met. and Mat. Trans. A, 34A, 2217-221, 2003.

Vanadium Award 2004

For the most outstanding paper in the metallurgy and technology of vanadium and its alloys, awarded to T Furuhara (Kyoto University), J Yamaguchi (Formerly Kyoto University, now Nippon Steel Corp), N Sugita (Formerly Kyoto University, now Hitachi Ltd), G Miyamoto (Formerly Kyoto University), T Maki (Kyoto University) for their paper 'Nucleation of Proeutectoid Ferrite on Complex Precipitates in Austenite', ISIJ International, Vol 43 (2003), No. 10, pp 1630-1639.


Billiton Gold Medal

For the best paper published in Transactions C: Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy.

Colwyn Medal

For outstanding services to the rubber industry of a scientific, technical or engineering character.

Douglas Hay Award

For the best paper published in Transactions A: Mineral Technology.

Futers Gold Medal

For outstanding services to the international minerals industry.

Mann Redmayne Award

To a non-corporate member, under 35 years of age, who is the author of the best paper published in the Transactions of the Institute.

Medal for Excellence

For conspicuous contribution, either during the year or cumulatively over a number of years to the art, science and practice of the mining industry. The recipient may be an individual or an organisation.

Overseas Award

For the member resident overseas for the best paper presented at an Institute symposium, or published in a mining journal or for notable contribution to development of the Institute overseas.

Prain Medal & Prize

In recognition of distinguished achievement in the development, manufacture or application of copper or copper alloys.

Thornton Medal

To a speaker invited to present at either an Institute conference or other specially convened meeting.


Kroll Medal & Prize

In recognition of significant contribution which has enhanced the scientific understanding of materials chemistry as applied to the industrial production of materials, normally inorganic.


Colclough Medal & Prize

In recognition of learned contribution to understanding the microstructure, mechanical properties, fabricability or in-service performance, production or engineering connected with the iron and steel industry.

Hancock Medal

To an individual for outstanding service to the rubber industry where such services have benefited either the nation, government authorities or industry.

Prince Philip Award

For Polymers in the Service of Mankind.

Stokowiec Medal & Prize

In recognition of distinguished work related to the technical, manufacturing, processing or engineering application of alloy steels.

The Swinburne Award

To recognise the achievement of a person who has made an outstanding contribution to the advancement and knowledge of any field related to the science, engineering or technology of plastics.