Simon Frost

Why boron nitride could be the new carbon

Materials World magazine
Recent developments in nanotechnology have unleashed the potential of carbon’s compound equivalent, as Simon Frost reports

Event report: Mine to Market

Materials World magazine
Simon Frost finds out how the mining industry is tackling challenges of waste and diminishing ore grades

Is Saudi Arabia going solar?

The world’s largest oil exporter is making its first steps into large-scale solar power generation, as Simon Frost found out

Materials in Sport: Tennis

Materials World magazine
As the Australian Open gets underway, Simon Frost looks at the materials that make tennis the high-speed, high-tech sport it is today.

New catalyst material could unlock biomass potential as fossil fuel replacement

Materials World magazine
A new porous silica catalyst structure could enable industry to exploit renewable sources of carbon, as Simon Frost reports.

Sunrise for perovskite solar cells

A new family of materials are hot on the heels of silicon for use in solar photovoltaics

Setting up a consultancy

Simon Frost speaks to three independent consultants for advice on adjusting to self-employment.

Q&A – Cem Selcuk

Simon Frost speaks to Dr Cem Selcuk about the benefits of institute engagement.

North sea task force

In turbulent times for the North Sea oil and gas industry, we see what the future holds

Profile: Afiya Chohollo

We meet a project manager at Morgan Advanced Materials to talk about outreach, career advice and engaging with institutes


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