Simon Frost

Carbon fibre strengthening cities

Materials World magazine
Simon Frost finds out why carbon fibre reinforcement is becomingmore prevalent in renovation projects

Steel tomography research awarded EU grant

Materials World magazine
Simon Frost discusses the development of an innovative steel production tool with University of Bath researcher Dr Manuch Soleimani

Silica dust: the invisible threat

Following Professor David Fishwick’s talk at ClayTech UK 2015, Simon Frost looks at the dangers of respirable silica

Technology news in clay and construction industries

Clay Technology magazine
A round-up of the latest research in clay

Nematic phase changes unravel soft material properties

Materials World magazine
Research returns surprising results regarding the function of cell membrane shape changes

Camouflage materials adapting to improved detection

Materials World magazine
Simon Frost reports from the Advances in Camouflage Science and Engineering conference

UK’s best future in steel research and niche production

Materials World magazine
Chairman of the IOM3 Iron & Steel Society, Mick Steeper, discusses the most promising options for the UK’s steel industry

Chemically active structure created with standard polymer and 3D printer

Materials World magazine
Researchers have incorporated nanoparticles into a readily available filament to create a pollution-mitigating structure.

The invention of neoprene

Materials World magazine
In April 1930, DuPont scientists developed a synthetic rubber to stem the shortage of natural rubber supply in the aftermath of the First World War, as the motor industry grew

Packaging Innovations, more packaging means less waste

Materials World magazine
Speakers at the Packaging Innovations exhibition discuss the importance of packaging and consumer awareness in reducing food waste


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