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Material of the month: metal organic frameworks

Simon Frost speaks to the forefather of a class of cage-like porous materials that hold promise for some of the most hotly sought applications in science
The synthetic valve was invented at the UBC Okanagan campus. Credit: UBC

Synthetic heart tissue could prevent surgical mistakes

Materials World magazine
A new synthetic heart valve is helping surgeons to practice their technique.

Cerium oxide could be key to liquid solar fuel

Materials World magazine
A new process for producing fuels from water and carbon dioxide could create a way to store solar energy, as Simon Frost reports.

Solar crystal breaks theoretical limit

Materials World magazine
Almost 50 years after discovering the ‘bulk photovoltaic effect’, the inventor of the photocopier is helping an international research team harness the effect of crystal symmetry on photovoltaic conversion for practical use in nanomaterials.

Technical news in construction materials

Clay Technology magazine
A round-up of the latest technical news

Graphene Week 2016: the Flagship steams ahead

Materials World magazine
Simon Frost reports from the Graphene Flagship’s second annual conference

Students encode bacterial material

Materials World magazine
Genetic engineering of cellulose bacteria could allow for new materials to be grown from microbes

Consortium develops steel defect detection method

Materials World magazine
Combining laser triangulation, high-spec cameras and advanced imaging software, a new system could increase the efficiency of high-grade steel manufacture

Institutes propose Materials Catapult

Materials World magazine
IOM3, MPI and TWI have made a proposal for a Catapult that could support the UK’s materials innovation and link the many SMEs involved in the sector

OECD praises conflict mineral reduction

Materials World magazine
The OECD has highlighted the iTSCi Programme’s role in breaking the link between mineral trade and conflict in Central Africa


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