Simon Frost

From biogas to bioplastics

Materials World magazine
A Finnish research institute is developing a way to make small-scale conversion of biogas to plastics and proteins viable

This month in history: the Chunnel breakthrough

Materials World magazine
26 years ago, British and French engineers met 100 metres beneath the English Channel. Simon Frost writes, Ashley Cooper illustrates.

Researchers make plastic from pulp

Materials World magazine
Researchers have found a way to turn a waste product of the pulp industry into a bio-based plastic, Simon Frost reports.

Ovenable packaging fit for 220°C

Materials World magazine
TCL Packaging develops record high-temperature ovenable pouch

Call for Innovate UK to support the materials industry

Materials World magazine
Following the Materials Catapult proposal, Innovate UK has recognised the economic value of materials but requires further evidence that a Catapult is the answer.

Materials on two wheels

Simon Frost looks at the history and cutting edge of materials in bicycle manufacture

IET survey finds employers dissatisfied with engineering graduates

Materials World magazine
A survey of engineering and technology employers suggests a disconnect between university courses and needs of industry. Simon Frost looks at the report’s findings, and what one university is doing to remedy the problem.

This month in history: New York City goes underground

Materials World magazine
The story of the New York City Subway’s first station, with illustration by Ashley Cooper

Do we need Hinkley Point C?

Materials World magazine
Following the UK Government’s approval of the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station, we ask the experts – do we need it?

Port Talbot works return to profit

Materials World magazine
Having announced daily losses of £1 million earlier in the year, Tata Steel’s Port Talbot steelworks returned to profit in June


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