Simon Frost

Material marvels: Concorde

Simon Frost looks at the engineering behind the definitive supersonic jet airliner.

Graphene cuts and pastes semiconductors

Materials World magazine
A new manufacturing method uses graphene to make semiconductor wafers reusable.

10 Minutes with… Brigitte Dero

Materials World magazine
Simon Frost talks to the General Manager of PVC sustainability initiative VinylPlus.

Wienerberger adds more slender bricks

Clay Technology magazine
Adding to its Roman range, Wienerberger, UK, has released seven new long-format bricks.

Wood-based water filter traps bacteria

Materials World magazine
Cellulose filters with a positively charged polymer surface can trap negatively charged bacteria to remove them from water.

10 minutes with…Andrew Dunster and Jorge Corker

Materials World magazine
We talk to two of the partners in GELCLAD, an EU H2020 project developing a sustainable insulation system based on functional biopolymers and aerogels.

Self-healing materials receive a boost

Materials World magazine
Four UK universities are collaborating on a mission to develop self-healing materials.

Nanotubes extend perovskite life

Materials World magazine
Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) could help to solve a problem hampering the viability of perovskite solar cells – their instability.

Material of the month: bio-based polymers

We look at plastics made from sugarcane, milk and a range of other biomass sources.

10 minutes with...Salvatore Grasso and Mike Reece

Materials World magazine
Simon Frost talks to Salvatore Grasso and Mike Reece, researchers at Queen Mary University of London, UK, who recently published a review of research into flash sintering, a relatively new process that could revolutionise industrial ceramics production.


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